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Artisan Pizza Co.


Osteria Procaccini was founded in 1999 with our 1st & smallest unit in the historical town of Kingston, N.J. After many years of dealing with, "how do you pronounce your name," or "how do you spell your business name?" along with expanding this artisan pizza concept into multiple units, we decided to rebrand to Tino's Artisan Pizza Co. after the founder, Tino Procaccini. Tino wasn't thrilled of the idea about using his name but after some time of asking longtime guests & others about it, they all suggested it would be great to honor the person that made it all happen.

Our aim is to offer the most delicious home-style food with fresh, all natural, organic ingredients and the time-honored method of terra cotta oven cooking. We are proud of bringing something different to New Jersey by introducing artisanal pizzas, salads and specialty dishes made with passion for excellence and our most important secret ingredient: love. By the way, even though we are a table service concept, don't be fooled we are still just as fast as most quick service concepts out there for those that are always on the run or have a time constraint.


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